Advancements in genetic engineering and other biotechnological techniques have led to the commercial production of enzymes in various bioprocess industries. Enzymes are immensely useful in many industries such as food, pharma, agriculture, cosmetics, and medicine because of their ability to act as a Bio-catalyst.

With a vision to become the world’s leading Biotechnological Company (focusing on enzymes and microbes) and in a prime mission to progress assuring Bio-excellence, Mr. Piyush Palkhiwala (The Chairman & Managing Director of Maps Enzyme Limited) started maps industries in the year 1975. With hard work and technological improvements, he successfully transformed his small start-up industry into India’s largest producer and exporter of enzymes and micro-organisms. Maps enzyme limited presently embodies more than 150 employees, an R&D center, and a sophisticated production plant thereby becoming a leading player in the global market.

Maps Enzyme Limited uses sophisticated fermentation technologies to commercially produce various enzymes that hold a lot of applications in the textile, baking, alcohol production, brewing, starch production, detergents, animal feed production, and leather industries. Adding to this, various fungal and bacterial micro-organisms are also produced using solid State and Submerged fermentation to be used in various applications. Quality being the primary aspect, the Board of Directors of Maps enzyme limited, co-ordinate with industries globally to provide innovative solutions, to elevate profitability and productivity, and to safeguard the environment.


  • Maps enzyme limited is one among the top 50 Biotech companies in India.
  • A versatile range of enzymes is produced that includes cellulases, amylases, xylanase, proteases, catalases, glucoamylase, and beta-glucanase.
  • It launches 5 new products on the global market every year.
  • They provide innovative biotech solutions across 4 continents in 22 countries.

“At Maps, we offer products and services in areas where we can make a difference.”– Piyush Palkhiwala

MAPS ENZYME LIMITED (Bio-entrepreneurship in India)


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