Plastics are the human made materials which play an essential role in our day to day activities. Everything we utilize in our daily lives contains plastics. The increased use of plastics is due to the advantages they have such as durability, cost effective , easy to produce and use etc..But apart from their advantages plastics have always been a threaten to the environment. As plastics are mostly non biodegradable, they remain in the environment for several years and cause pollution and other serious problems.

Despite of causing land pollution plastics have now also entered the marine world. Marine pollution due to plastics is one of the serious problems the world is facing at present. It has affected the lives of marine animals adversely and also caused a decrease in their population levels.The current rate of increasing plastics in seas and oceans will outweigh all the marine population by 2050.

The main source of plastics in oceans and seas is land based and is mainly due to human activities.The plastics reach water through storm, sewer overflows, beach visitors dumping waste in the sand, industrial activities and illegal dumping of waste into seas. The polluted river bodies which carry plastic in them finally dumps it into the oceans or seas.

The small particles of plastics enter the gills of small fishes while breathing and cause choking problems. It is difficult to remove plastics entering the gills rather than the ones entering through the mouth. These plastics enter the bodies of big fishes which eat the small fishes and gradually enters the food chain. The marine animals mainly sea turtles mistake plastic for food and consume them which causes the choking problem in them. They also affect the reproduction rate of the sea turtles on the shore. From marine animals these plastics are consumed by human beings through sea food.Sea birds, sea turtles, seals and other marine mammals are the most severely affected species. Hawaiian Monk seal and Pacific loggerhead sea turtles are endangered due to the consumption of plastics.

So it is high time that human beings should minimize the usage of plastics.This can be done by recycling the plastic waste, reducing its production and proper disposal of plastic wastes.We share this planet with all the other species and we have no right in disturbing their lives therefore it is our duty to protect the other species from destructive human activities.


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