Bill Bernbach once said, “Nobody counts the number of ads you run, they just remember the impression you make.” and what more suitable than the term “Marketing” to justify this statement? Marketing is the certain gamechanger in the current market and He who does it right, gets satisfaction, both for the customer and himself.

One can certainly define Marketing as a “Strategic process in a business that is used to satisfy customer needs and wants through good and services”, but what about the wholly other, original part of Marketing is the question. Marketing is indeed a key to Customer Satisfaction and is one way in which a Business can transform into a ‘Brand‘. Not only does a Business benefit from keeping themselves updated about marketing, so does a Customer.

Marketing has been the Key-Aspect for many giants in the market, such as Coca-Cola, Amul, McDonald’s, Burger King, Swiggy and much more. From being a small business to a Multi-National Corporate, these firms had a very strong marketing strategy and made sure their game was strong even when they were under constant chokes in the market. One such is the story of Coca-Cola, a business which sold at local soda fountain counters, which accelerated their demand and their idea of making the beverage portable led to bottling the sparkling drink. In its first year, Coca-Cola sold 9 glasses a day for 5 cents a glass. And, through the years, it has evolved into a substitute for water for many lives and is a go-to-drink for many more.

How did Marketing become the reason for such success? Well, aren’t movies and parties incomplete without a glass of Icy-cold Coca-Cola? Or are we tricked into Coca-Cola being our favorite? That is the answer too. For years now, Coca-Cola has been successful in marketing its key classic in such a way that we are forced to believe in its thirst relieving drink and aren’t aware of the same. Coca-Cola was started by John Pemberton who was a pharmacist who discovered the right mix of ingredients by mistake and then tried to sell his product in a nearby pharmacy for 5 cents a glass and who ultimately suffered a net loss in the first year having spent on advertising more than he had earned. The rights were later bought by a few businessmen and was named and created in the Coca-Cola we know today.

Having seen Coca-Cola grow through years into what it is today, businesses have certainly cracked, though not completely, its Marketing Strategy. so, how does marketing play here? Marketing often tends to play with emotions and emotions are vital points to success here. Coca-Cola had its market analysis done and so was its target audience, which was basically every thirsty person and not-thirsty person. Coca-Cola conveyed and conveys good feelings and satisfying sensations of happiness, relaxation and positive content which gives them the positive output they aim for. Coca-Cola involved family, friends and many such emotional relationships in its advertising which attracted more.

Secondly, Coca-Cola didn’t hesitate from using the advanced technology in its time of rising and has “Social-Media Marketing” under the list of its Fortes. Coca-Cola changed its view and traditional approach and made use of the multi-channel approach. Coca-Cola makes use of all social platforms celebrating happiness and festivities. In recent times, #Hashtags and CokeTV on Youtube has been a great add-on to their marketing strategy. Talking about such, Amul as a Marketing Competitor is huge and keeps its customers excited and updated on the current affairs too. The very recent news is brought to you by the Famous Amul’s Cartoon Character on a very specific space in a newspaper.

Coca-Cola understands that Innovation is also a part of Marketing and so came up with various versions of their Classic such as Vanilla-Flavoured Coke, Diet Coke, Sugarfree Coke, and various Limited Editions of Coke and made sure that they are a hit. Coca-Cola changed the scenario with its innovation and this brought in Word of Mouth, promoting this drink on its own. Coca-Cola as a brand changed Marketing and added Innovation to it.

Marketing can be in both ways, ‘Positive’ and ‘Negative. Digital Marketing has seen both sides of it, building goodwill and popularity for both parties in both ways. Search Engines, Optimization, Social media trolls, tweets, memes and much are the very recent tools for marketing. Such prove that even a troll’s going up on the top of the list is free Marketing for a brand. This again brings us to brands like McDonald’s and Burger King who are active and using such tools in ways which amuse a customer, making them a fan of its work at times.

Marketing has been on rising since then. Customer is actually the King now and thus it is important for any business to build a Marketing Strategy to Satisfy the customers and it is to be kept in mind that such is made “through time and happenings and not at once. Because in the end, “Marketing starts and ends with a Customer”.

Written by Kamal Nahar on 28-07-19.


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