Data-driven dairy farming, what is it? It is the use of data & analytics to aid dairy farming and increase milk production. Fostering this concept which is fresh, technology-driven, and unique has made a perambalur based Midvalley integrated dairy farm successful. They have also innovatively launched a mobile app called happy tales that would enable us to place an order for fresh milk delivery online.

How do we usually visualize a dairy farm? Probably a lush green farm with nurtured healthy cattle, and other milk production and packaging amenities. But this high-tech dairy farm which houses around 400 happily grazing cows with sensor tags hung around their neck is something beyond our imagination. Yeah, each and every cow is tracked with a blue-collar sensor tag which contains a unique identification code. These tags continuously transfer information to a central server about the well-being of the cattle. To monitor the behaviour of cows and provide emergency health care services, a veterinary doctor is always at hand. Milk yield of individual cows, changes in the milk production, breeding and heath records are tracked and analysed.

P Vijayakumar (founder of Mid Valley Foods), says that dairy farming today is all about data, analytics, and predictive analytics. He also tells that analysing the cow’s behavioural pattern with this software has helped them to figure out the likely milk yield of cows (for around the next 5 years) in their farm which eventually helped them to ensure good health of their cattle and elevate their milk yield.

His love for cows and passion for his work has made him prioritize bovine bliss in his farm over other commercial factors and this has made him accomplish his goals. So hereafter, if our parents tell us that we only deserve to run a cattle farm, let us not worry! With hard work and determination, one day we could become a successful entrepreneur like him.

“By providing healthy food, good living conditions and using technology, the milk yield varies from 8 to 32 litre”- P Vijayakumar


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