If you are trying to get a job then you would know the importance of a resume. The same importance should be given to understand how to pronounce the same word. The right way to pronounce it is ‘resumeh’ (/ˈrɛzjʊmeɪ/) and not ‘resume’ (/rɪˈzjuːm/) because the latter means to continue eg. resume the video. So now you know how to pronounce it, let us see the most important points to make your resume strong so that it can sell you. Ultimately, we all need to sell ourselves right?

  • Good photograph: Always keep in mind that employers don’t read your resume, they just scan it. And to make a first good impression you must have a picture in which you look professional. You can smile in a way that is appealing. It should create a positive mindset for the people who are looking at it and it should start from you. If it doesn’t there are chances that your resume is not looked upon properly. A good photo can improve your confidence.
  • Clean Layout: Make your resume legible. Use bullet points, have enough blank space and use the color that is best to read. Keep the sentences short and use the most appropriate word than to write a lengthy sentence eg. use the word ‘legible’ than to write ‘clear enough to read’.
  • Free of Errors: Nothing is worse than having a resume with grammatical or typographical errors. It would be a turndown which makes you look like a jerk. So check your resume thoroughly for any errors.
  • Chronological order: It is always better to have a sequential order of the events occurred. It would be difficult to connect yourself if you write your resume in a random manner. The most suitable is to write the events that happened the latest to the earliest.
  • Give what employers need: Please avoid writing all the unimportant stuff about you. Think from the employer’s point of view. Know what he is looking in the candidates, try to give him the same. It is always good to put your worthy stuff above all those hobbies kinds of things. Don’t have your resume for more than two pages. Keep it short yet significant.
  • Show your professionalism: The way you name your email ID shows how responsible you are. It is no wrong to have your nickname as your email ID but before you put it in your resume think again it may cost your job. Create an email ID with your proper name that shows your accountability.
  • Compare your resume: That’s great of you if you don’t compare yourself with others but you can compare your resume and you should so that you can improve your resume. Look out to the resume of your peers, resume templates on the internet and read blogs so that you could get an idea to improve your resume and make it one of a kind.

If you have some more points or experiences to share please do in the comments.



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