Mirage is a phenomenon of light which generally being seen in the deserts or in some condition on the Highway too. it is a naturally occurring phenomenon that can’t be controlled by a human being. it is a very interesting phenomenon due to which we generally see the fake water on the road, or the fake pond in the desert, the tilted image of the trees or any other objects in the desert. All these phenomena are due to Mirage.

How it occurs?

It is a common phenomenon of light which occurs due to the presence of different gasses layer present in our atmosphere. What happens actually we know that there are so many gasses present in our environment and hence if there are different kinds of gasses are there, so it is possible to have a different refractive index of gas. Also, we can say that the gas present near the ground or road surface has high temperature and above it of low-temperature gases are present due to which there is a variation in refractive index is been seen.

When the ray of light comes from the sun before reaching the ground it suffers a change in the refractive index of so many different gasses and then due to regular change in gasses, it goes on reflection and refraction too. The light when enters in the first layer and assume that there is a gas present in the first layer have less density than that of the gas present in the second layer so when the gas will come from the first layer and enters in the second layer then due to sudden change in the density the gas will be refracted towards the normal and now again assume that in the third layer the light is less in density in comparison to the gas present in the second one.

So, in this case, the refracted ray will again refract but in this time it will refract away from the normal and hence the process will be continued till the ray reaches the surface of ground and hence due to several reflections and refraction the image of a (let us assume a tree) tree looks upside down.

Phenomena due to Mirage.

  • Heat Haze
  • Hot road
  • Inferior mirage


After knowing that all these phenomena have naturally occurred so no need to worry that is there any type of black magic or any myths circulated by any people who don’t know the actual region behind this phenomena. Also, this is a very common thing which is being seen by lots of people.

Normally it is seen during a hot summer day in the desert that a water or water pond reflection on the ground and when we reach over there then it seems nothing. At last, we get to know that if it is being seen by you then enjoy the Illusion of Nature.


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