Nanotechnology is a term which in gaining wide popularity in the field of science in the recent years. Nanotechnology deals with the dimensions of atom and molecules between 1 to 100 nano-meter .The term nanotechnology was coined by Norio Taniguichi, a Japanese scientist. Nano structures are man-made synthetic nano particles.

The study of nanostructures is not new because the study of polymers involves its structure which consists of nano sub units. The study of nanostructures is of great importance as any small change in them affects the properties of the bulk materials. Some materials are inert in the macroscopic level but they show reactivity in nanoscale. Also the quantum effects dominate the behaviour of matter at nanoscale.

The applications of nanotechnology is a wide range but one of its important application is in medicine. This involves the use of nano particles to make repairs at the cellular level. Researchers are developing techniques involving the nano particles to deliver drugs, heat and light to specific type of cells. They are engineered such that they are attracted to disease cells. They help in easy diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases.

Nano particles have multiple benefits in treating chronic diseases as they are site specific and target oriented delivery of drugs is ensured. These particles can move freely in the body system due to their small size as compared to the large molecules of conventional drugs. Nano particles aid in preventing drugs from being tarnished inside the body in the gastrointestinal region. They remain in the blood system for a long periodand release the drug in specified quantity or dosage.

Researchers are already working on a number of techniques to utilize the nano structures. For example, they are investigating the use of bismuth nano particles to treat cancer tumors and another technique delivers chemotherapy drugs to cancer cells.Thus the use of nanotechnology in medicine will revolutionize the field with the proper development of drugs containing nano particles.


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