“Human beings are still a being as they are humane”

Ever wondered how some people in your college are so popular and get things in a whiff? Amazed how Gates pulled up things with such successful products? Wanna know the power of persuasion? This article might help to some extent.
The world that we live in, is beautiful only when we make ourselves happy with people around us. Most of our times we are surrounded by them and more we ignore them the more heaviness is felt.
We by chance are from humans, with humans, among humans and leave humans. So figuring out how to be with them and make the best out of our times on Earth is “Psychology”. Nobody can teach or force it. When one recognizes it’s power, it is boundless.
One might argue negatively against it stating ” No I can manage without it. There are various introverts like me who have succeeded.” It is utterly impossible to become successful, among humans atleast without understanding them. Introverts do succeed when only they understand humans yet don’t want to practice it apparently but make use of it.
Now, how to imbibe it in our genes is the question that will be dealt with. This can come from various sources and it takes years of practice to use the power of Psychology to it’s maximum extent. It is one of those things that can be used both positively and negatively. When used positively , it creates a positive momentum with no regrets in the climax and negative creates the same result with guilt and fear remaining in the climax.
The most effective way is to OLAA! Observe, Learn, Act, Amuse.
1. Observe people around you and their observation on people and things around them. This step may sound simple and easy yet it is the most difficult part. This must be at least for a month without any prejudices and judgments. This will create various insights and surprises. You will be enlightened and many preconceived notions will be eradicated.
2. Learn – This step involves making precise observation points from people of your scope. This includes what are the choices, likes, dislikes and how they interact with their environment. Leaning phase is critical for personal growth and deriving positive motivation.
3. Act- You like Google because it does things that you like. Same way, when people find people do things they like, they are loved to great extents. This can be very dangerous as we may get lost and purposeless all along the way and eventually self can be lost. So this must be done with great control.
4.Amuse – This is the cornerstone of this process. Amuse them with things that they love and at the same time that benefits you. This is done only at the end when all the above mentioned processes are done with utmost care. Mutual benefit in a 50-50 or a 75-25 scheme can be achieved and at the same time you will be happier on an internal level. The most important thing is to preserve the self.

PS: This might not work if you follow this blatantly without knowing the purpose. Take time and ask a lot of questions to yourself before starting a psychological tour of your lifetime


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