As the tagline suggests, the feats recorded by The Guinness World Records are (literally) Officially Amazing. Let us take a quick glance on some world records and record holders who made it into the awesome world of Guinness.

Youngest boy to scale Mount Everest:

You are too young for the job kid! Well, Jorden Romero from California took the statement too seriously. The boy climbed Mount Everest on May 22, 2010, at the age of 13, an age at which children like us would consider making our bed a great fleet. He was accompanied by his father, mother, and three sherpas on his way to glory. Romero was inspired by the idea of climbing the tallest mountain of each continent when he saw a painting in the hallway of his school, that had the seven continents’ highest mountain. He is still a professional climber, and also wrote a novel ‘No Summit is Out of Sight’ particularly for young readers.

Most number of songs written:

A wise man once said, there is a song for each soul. Well, Sameer Anjaan has 3,524. He is a Bollywood lyricist and was awarded as the most prolific Bollywood lyricist by Guinness Book of World Records on 15 December 2015, and still has an unassailable lead in his field. His official name is Shitala Panday, but, he is popularly known as Rajan. His songs have been featured in more than 650 Bollywood hits and retros. The interesting part is that it was his friend who made him realize, that he might have set a world record and by a margin. His dedication is commendable indeed.

First to break a sound barrier in a freefall:

Felix Baumgartner, an Australian skydiver, was the first Redbull daredevil to jump to Earth from a helium balloon from the stratosphere, landing in New Mexico, USA. He jumped from a spine chilling hight of 39 km above the Earth’s surface attaining a speed of 1357.66 km/h. It definitely takes a man with a heart of steel to attempt such a feat. Baumgartner was in the Australian military, a specialist in Parachute jumping. His record was later broken but being the first is always special.

Youngest professional video game tester:

How many of us fancy a job sitting in an air-conditioned room, on a comfortable couch, playing the latest video game on the latest gaming technology. In addition, getting paid for it. A New York boy named Victor De Leon III a.k.a Lil Poison, lived this dream at a very young age of 6 when he was recognized as a professional gamer. Later, he was signed by famous gaming companies which had produced Halo, Call of Duty and FIFA. Born on 6th May 1998, his amazing skills were recognized by Guinness Book of World record in 2008.


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