Why do we aspire to become doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects, and scientists but not farmers? It is because we look at it as a low profit-yielding career and associate it with backwardness and poverty. But some proud farmers look at it as a noble occupation that is central for India’s socio-economic development. Well, perspective makes all the difference!

Quitting their high-paying jobs, these former corporate employees are now endeavoring to revive Indian agriculture. Yeah, they have passionately plunged into the agricultural field soon after leaving their jobs. Going green for their living, they are inspiring Indian youths to take up farming as a profession. So why do we wait? Let’s get to know some of these influential new-age farmers.

Gaurav and Nikki Chaudhary: The tree farming couple, Gaurav and Nikki Chaudhary, prioritized peace-giving agroforestry over their stressful corporate jobs. Nikki studied business economics from London and Gaurav got his postgraduate degree in economics from the Delhi School of Economics. Gaurav’s father Chaudhary Veerpal Singh, who was a farmer inspired them to do tree farming. The couple raises Eucalyptus, poplar, and other plantations in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh and runs the Progressive Dairy Farmers Association. They strongly feel that intelligence and professionalism are substantial for a farmer’s success.

Neeraj Dhandha: An engineer by profession, Neeraj was immensely fond of guava cultivation. Though he worked as a developer for a few days, he always wanted to engage himself in guava farming. In around 7 acres of his farmland in Sangatpura village in Jind district of Haryana, Neeraj planted over 1900 of guava trees. His guavas are gaining popularity not only in their surroundings but also in big cities across the country.

Hemal Patel: Being a corporate employee, Hemal Patel loved to make weekend visits to nearby places. He explored many villages in the surroundings which inspired him to promote organic farming. He established UrbanSoil in the year 2014, with an objective to spread knowledge and awareness on organic cultivation. He conducted various 2-day workshops on terrace farming in Mumbai and Pune that have benefitted many people.

Suresh Babu: Suresh Babu quitted his software job in Australia and came back to India to become a farmer. Investing 12 lakhs in the beginning, he started planting coconut trees. Eventually, he gained support from his family members and others. He now uses solar energy for the fence and irrigation to tackle electricity scarcity. His passion, love and innovative approach to agriculture has led him to achieve Young achiever and Young Progressive Farmer awards.

The farmers of the Nalla Keerai initiative: Nalla keerai is an organization that cultivates and distributes spinach, vegetables, fruits, and other crops through organic methods. Found in Paakam Village, Thiruninravur, this initiative has motivated many youngsters to grow organic crops. Some IT employees such as V.M. Parthasarthy, J. Rajesh Kumar, and S. Kamal Sunder Raj also joined the initiative to become a full-time organic farmer by taking land on lease.

Our country deserves more such tech-minds in the agricultural sector to bring breakthrough innovations in the field. And we are obliged to leverage technology to nurture nature. Let’s welcome young tech-driven farmers!

“To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves”- M.K. Gandhi


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