Optics is the branch of Physics, which helps us in knowing about the behaviour and the property of light, how it acts towards the objects so that we are able to see it. From this topic we can understand how a light wave travels actually, which is both as a particle nature as well as a wave nature also not only it is limited till here, rather it gave so many phenomena like interference of light and laws of reflection and refraction through which we are able to solve lots of problems related to vision and light which also helped us to solve some of the problems related to a human beings for example – now we are able to cure several eye disease and problems related to vision. It mostly works on two phenomena: Laws of Reflection and Refraction.

Important phenomena related to light

  • Total Internal reflection(TIR)
  • Interference
  • Diffraction
  • Polarisation
  • Laser and Holography

In this article let us see about TOTAL INTERNAL REFLECTION.


The most common example of this phenomena is the rainbow which is seen by everyone. Have you ever thought of from where rainbows come or how it is being formed? This is the very most common doubt which is there in many of us. But still, there are so many people who don’t know the answer. So here we will discuss the reason for the formation

The formation of a rainbow is due to Phenomena of light also known as Total Internal Reflection. This is the exact reason for the formation of the rainbow. It is being seen during the rainy season when the rain gets stopped but the atmosphere is still wet which means that there are some small water droplets, and when the light comes from the sunlight it travels several deflections due to different gasses present in atmosphere and then incidents inside the water droplet and suffers total internal reflection and dispersion due to which the light gets dispersed (separated out from one to so many) and after reflection inside the droplet when it comes out from the droplet it scatters into 7 different colours which are then seen as a rainbow.

We will see more about the MIRAGE phenomena in the next article.


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