Since the kick start of 19th century, communication became the zenith priority of every one and all. People who never had the urge to talk to a passerby due to busy schedule, began making time and having the feel to talk to their loved ones. Well, to be honest humans started to communicate from the beginning of mankind at first they used to shout and use symbols and drawings to share their feelings and ideas with each other. After a lot of time, hand-written letters started to make a trend and people started to write a lot, which was a rather good habit than wasting time and going places just to know about well being of people and their everyday activities.

Initially, by the end of the 18th century, first telephone invention took place which was invented by Sir Alexander Graham bell, it was the greatest invention ever recorded for the development of human development. From invention time till date all the credit for technological development and inventions is given to Alexander Graham Bell, the first telephone consisted of an earpiece, an answering machine or mic and a dialling clock which cocked numbers. Slowly and steadily it took the form of a phone with interconnected mic and earpiece, later it turned into the old handheld telephone then to keypad mobile, which were light, convenient, and portable. Then came the era of android and IOS mobiles which are technically called smart-phones.Smart-phones since the start made an image and reputation from its launch it symbolized as a luxurious entity ,as time passed by the smart-phones took place of all other vital gadgets such as camera, compass, radios, music players, photo albums, video cameras, etc. A lot of smart-phone applications have provided a gigantic scope to the professional scene such as that of software engineers and designers. Opening of new mobile brands on daily basis creates a lot of job opportunities as well as a large variety of selection for customers. The thing which provides a striking caution before buying a smart-phone is its price range and specifications. People generally confuse the selection on basis of price with losing their luxurious value and worth.

Now lot of good talking is done about smart-phones now let’s turn to the detrimental and blaming part. Smart-phones might be able to make your difficult work a piece of cake but every coin has two faces, so do smart-phones. While we talk on phone with people far away, it might actually be very convenient as in earlier times it took a lot of time to letters to reach, but the radiations and microwaves which are emitted by the phones are very detrimental to humans and animals. These contribute to a large number of animal deaths and mental problems in humans. People start getting fits and other problems due to excessive usage of smart-phones. Also it is no.1 cause for weak eyesight and itchy eyes. Moreover, smart-phone addictions may also result fatal.

As usual an ending quote for all of you, “everything good always deals some temporary relax/enjoyment but carries a lot of future demerits.”         


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