Poem Love-by Senthamizh Kumaran

Oh my darling, Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?Why the silence, let’s break the ice.When the rest ask how I’m confident when...

TUNES-by Senthamizh Kumaran S

Gone are the days,When one gazed at the moon on a clear starry night; Gone are the days,

Love – by Ramya Eathirajan

Submitted by Ramya Eathirajan , Ethiraj college for women , Chenai

Love – by Pranathi Sikhakolli

MY FIRST LOVE LETTER To My Love, The moment I saw you, I...

Dreams – by Nagammai Chockalingam

Submitted by Nagammai Chockalingam , Dr.GRD College of Arts and Science

Compass (Poem) – by Narmatha Thukkaivel

I couldn't find my direction I was in a painful dejection It made me a vagabond

Love – by Pricilla Maria Gracia

Waiting forever... You, the love of my life, I felt you were within,

You get a deep cut for the first time, but instead...

The blade slashed through my arm, Tearing through my skin like paper. Had I felt the pulse of my...

Dreams – by Shashank Krishna

Submitted by Shashank Krishna , Manipal University Jaipur , Jaipur

Mirrors – by Milind Prajapat

Submitted by Milind Prajapat , G H Raisoni Institute Of Engineering And Management , Jalgaon

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