Apos’trophy 2019 Submission : Mirrors – by Naman Markan

And then, people said "you've changed" and "I've" was my reply. It's a...

Compass – by Nivruthi S

Submitted by Nivruthi S , Kamaraj College Of Engineering

Apos’trophy 2019 Submission : Touch – by Shasty Charan

Submitted by Shasty Charan , Shri Ram College Of Commerce , Delhi

Vintage – by Sangeetha M

submitted by - Sangeetha M,PSG COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE

Poem Hallucination – by Utkarsh Rangnekar

The voice that cries the godless lies, The face with smile of sinister ties. I see...

Apos’trophy 2019 Submission : Love –...

Fact says,’it just takes 4 minutes to fall in love with someone'. II don't know when was my first four...

poem : Freedom

A world out of the kingdom, Where universe of self craves less nor more, Open that sparkle of the...

Mirrors – by Milind Prajapat

Submitted by Milind Prajapat , G H Raisoni Institute Of Engineering And Management , Jalgaon

Dreams – by Nagammai Chockalingam

Submitted by Nagammai Chockalingam , Dr.GRD College of Arts and Science

Dreams – by Manus Kaige

Sleep or Awake they're Dreams,A language they speak is all the same,Chew your pillow or enhance your life,Regrettable to heed option one...

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