We have heard of Ultraviolet Rays, right? Well, actually we’re exposed to the UV rays everyday we step out. These rays are the radiation present in the sunlight. Ultraviolet rays are powerful enough to tan or burn our skin. UV rays are capable of giving us skin cancer and chronic eye problems.

Athletes are more prone to skin cancer, says a new study. As per the research, through reducing the sun exposure and practicing regular usage of sunscreen one can avoid skin cancer and such diseases. Proper application of sunscreen is necessary as many researches conclude skin cancer as a result of not using sun protection by athletes and people who work outdoor.

Study says daily application of sunscreen reduces the threat of skin cancer by 50%. Also the study demonstrates, if a person who doesn’t apply sunscreen takes 10 minutes to get a sunburn, then the person who applies sunscreen takes 150 minutes to get a sunburn of same severity. Even though many other researches say exercising and working out can keep away cancers and diseases, skin cancer is still odd one out.

Athletes being prone to skin cancer due to extreme sun exposure are required to use sun protection regularly and strictly. But a survey says, less than 25 percent of the athletes varing from hikers to swimmers and many others don’t use sunscreen regularly.

Basal and Squamous cell skin cancers, are the two most certain skin cancers that arrive due to, too much of sun exposure says the study from American cancer society.

Ultraviolet Rays are basically categorized as three different types, that is UVA, UVB and UVC. All the three are different from the other. UVA being the longest wave light has the capability to penetrate into the skin’s blood circulation where as UVB remains on the skin’s surface. UVC is considered to be the shortest wavelength which never reached the earth’s surface but is found in man made sources.

Melanin pigmentation, that is a natural pigment present in our skin. It might be a exceptional factor protecting us by blocking the UV rays from penetrating into our skin.

Taking appropriate precautions will help preventing skin cancers and diseases.


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