If there is one thing that is universal and is common with every human being it is this-hatred. Our mutual hatred that we have for nothing else, but exams. The horrible cycle that seems to test your patience and memory more that it tests than intellect. All of us have been there and felt this.

Yet there are a group of people who seem to be unaffected by this psychotic exam pressure and always have their cool. So here are a few differences between them and us that hopefully makes us see the bigger picture and will make us more like them.

NUMBER ONE-Procrastinating.

Oh yes you heard me right.Sounds cliche? But ,is it not the truth?

A majority of us keep putting off all our daily tasks until the very last minute. Smart people do not do that.Finishing your tasks at the fastest possible time will leave you so many extra hours which you could potentially use for something more productive.

And studying the whole syllabus a day before sounds sure like fun.But, had you covered it earlier you will realize that you can do so much better.

NUMBER TWO-Doing your own assignments.

The people who do not lose their cool during exams are the people who do their own assignments whereas, the majority of us are okay copying it from someone else.Doing your own assignments keeps you in touch with the syllabus and prepares you at least a little for exams.

NUMBER THREE- Too much information!

A majority of us, sit on the day before exams and load our brains with too much information that something is definitely bound to slip out!Our brains are not trained to do that and you are overwhelming it with too much information whereas you should be taking it a little by little.So make sure that next time you start preparing at least a week earlier.

NUMBER FOUR-Sleep and food.

Make sure you are calm,composed and get a minimum of six hours of sleep before exam. This will have you well rested and get you ready for the big day.Along with sleep eating nutritious food that will keep you energized and avoid junk at all cost unless you want to end up feeling like a slug.

So good luck to everyone out there dealing with exams.May the odds be ever in your favor!


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