The campus of PSG College of Technology witnessed a large group of enthusiastic youngsters gathered together to hear the speech of Dr C. Sylendra Babu IPS, the most renowned IPS officer from Tamil Nadu. His oration went on for hours while students were getting inspired every minute. He mainly mentioned about the 5C’s that is most important for the career of students. If you have missed this wonderful speech, worry not. Here I am discussing with you the 5C’s which if you follow, can change your life drastically.

1. Compassion:

“Let us all have compassion”, he said. Compassion means a concern to other people, to your parents, to your neighbours and all the fellow beings. He questioned the students, “When was the last time you said ‘I Love You’ to your mom?’ and “When was the last time you said ‘Thank you’ to your father? He asked the students to imagine all the hardships your parents went through to make you who you are today. “What can you as a student give back to them?” he asked and when the students had no words to answer he said, “Your love in form of actions. Speaking to them in a polite way, getting good grades to make them happy. That is what as a parent they want from you. Give them compassion.”, he said. “Have compassion towards your teachers, your friends, and all the other students who are not so fortunate to study in a reputed college like this. And have the compassion to all those people who never had a chance of getting quality education and to those people who never knew what real joy of learning is”, he encouraged. “Only when you have compassion you can do something to enrich the lives of such people and as engineers, you must do so”, he insisted.

2. Curiosity:

“What made the world as it is today from the world which was 1000 years ago?”, “What was the factor that made scientists invent all the great inventions we have in the present world?”, “What was that something which we all had in our childhood, but eventually lose as we grow up?” The answer to all these questions is, “Curiosity.” Just imagine how much questions we would have asked when we were children. But now we are refusing to ask all those questions because we fear we might seem silly. If you want to grow, if you want to improve you should ask these questions, Why? What? When? Where? and How? You have to be curious about everything so that you will have an opportunity to learn everything.

3. Communication:

“No matter how much you know about something, if you cannot communicate it well enough, it is still useless”, he said. As a student that too as an engineering student, communication is a very important skill you should possess. It is not just enough to communicate well in a language that you know well but also to learn many new languages and start communicating in those languages to those people. Knowing to communicate in a new language is a great strength any person can possess.

4. Critical Thinking:

“Be a critic in terms of thinking”, he said. Keep examining and keep asking questions. Never believe things because someone says so. Know what is the truth. Before you come to a conclusion of a certain thing you must have the objective analysis and evaluation of that particular thing. Our society and our whole country would be different if everyone could think in such ways.

5. Cooperation:

“What makes the country like Japan and China more successful than our country?” It is because of the overall cooperation of the citizens of the entire country. If we people do not stand together then no one else can save us. Though we are very much diverse we must stand together as a nation and strive for the betterment of ourselves as well as the betterment of our country.



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