The series continues, you have seen “The Dream”, understood what you want and not what you need, and now, you don’t know what is to be done. The answer again lies within you. And there begins “The Search”.

“The Journey, The Process, The Dream”

A dream, A vision and A thought are all born. Born fresh and fragile as a newborn, needs to be held up, processed and worked on to make it what one wants it to be. And this is another factor which plays a crucial role in the “Journey”. The “Search” is where one understands what it takes to fulfill the “Dream”. On has to include research, hard work, passion and understanding to his dream and thus needs to “Search” for what needs to be done and also understand “Why”?

The “Search” is where you need to stick to your dream and understand all the virtues and vices of it. The “Search” is eternal, never-ending and it is to be kept in mind that the “Process” is too. The “Search” totally relies upon what the“Dream” is and thus differs from man to another. But it all lies and overlaps on various aspects.

The “Search” requires Honesty, Integrity, Compassion, and Persistence of the seeker and he/she shall find what he/she seeks. The step, one needs to take after dreaming is to research about it. He/She has to acknowledge the “Dream” and work at it, gain knowledge, understand, research again, make sure he/she understood and then work on a plan. Planning, here, is secondary as the “Search” is what is more important.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”  – Abraham Lincoln.

Keeping oneself updated and enjoying the search is as important as fulfilling the dream. In all stages of the “Search” which is eternal, one has to keep in mind that the moment he/she is tired of it is when he/she has to get back up and continue searching and not give up. It takes sheer brilliance and uninterrupted focus to be a part of the search. One has to commit themselves to the search. The longer the search the more the knowledge and more the knowledge of what to do with the knowledge gained.

” Focus, get out there, read those books, spend countless hours inside the library and search, spend countless hours on the road, the market, the guitar, the shoe, the tune, the food recipe and the process of it all. Make peace with the ego and practicality, talk to people who have searched for what you are searching or at least who had similar interests and gain all the knowledge and be as sharp as the axe that Lincoln made, enjoy it and then, keep doing it again and again and again until you find what you seek and once you find it, the real race begins, the process is just halfway and now is where you need to run faster than when you were in search, but remember that the understanding and power for the process, comes from the search”

So, “What are you waiting for?”


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