The Dream! The Starting Point of the Journey. The Journey which defines oneself and sets him/her apart from the rat race we live in. The Journey which matters, the most. 

“The Journey, The Process, The Dream.”

Every human individual dreams about what he/she wants out of their lives. One may dream to earn huge, the other may dream of excelling in a certain field and the other may just dream about the next day he has to wake up to. Be it small, be it large, a dream is where the journey begins. Dreams are experienced with the eyes closed and also with them being open. To get from seeing them with the eyes closed to them being open is the journey.

A dream is said to be a preview of what the subconscious mind thinks about. A dream has the power to manifest one’s life into what he/she wanted it to be and thus is a powerful weapon to mankind on a micro basis

Now, how does a dream actually manifest our life? In simple words, to start with, a dream can efficiently change the very next day of one’s life. Dreams during the sleep at night help shout out to the sub-conscious mind on what is to be done. Hoping about a presentation at the job, a speech in front of thousands, a jamming session, and any such activity can be done with maximum potential unlocked just by having a brief preview about how one wants it to be just on the night before the happening. The dream is further encrypted and processed on and on the next day, the very dream of the individual is achieved and all it took was a Dream!

And in the long run, a dream is still the answer. Such daily practices, in the long run, is eventually beneficial. A dream about having built a house from one’s earnings, starting a new entrepreneurial voyage, and any such dream, if thought about on a regular basis, has the power to manifest his/her life on the whole and helps them work on that dream with their full potential. Ambition is a huge part of one’s life and is certainly uncertain in almost all lives. A dream is key to certainty here. It is much often said that great minds had dreamt of where they have to reach. And so can be done by every individual. Be it a police officer, an economist, a software programmer, an accountant, everything can be achieved if one’s life and activities are manifested towards the goal, the ambition. Dreams here, on a regular basis, also act as a reminder of what a person has to do, the next day, the next week and the very next years, to get a step closer to his ultimate dream.

Yes, there is surely a science behind it. But, not everything needs to be justified with how, why and a law. There are many reasons for such and belief is one among them. A dream is said to be the starting part of a journey. This journey is the one which defines one’s life and possibly is one’s legacy he/she creates and passes on to the lives he/she touches. A dream certainly gives the power to fight against all odds, single-handedly. All a believer has to do is dream first. Because it is well said and believed that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and here, dreaming is the first one.

To all those in a dilemma of what to do and what not to, “Just Dream It!


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