Jack Ma is a prominent business figure. He is the founder and member of the world’s largest e-commerce group- Alibaba. Jack Ma had very humble beginnings. He was born as Ma Yun in Hangzhou, China. Jack Ma even from his early age always wanted to learn English. So he used to take guide tours for tourists arriving at Hangzhou and this helped him in learning English. He was later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and worked as an English teacher at Hangzhou Dianzi University. But before achieving this position he has faced many failures starting from his school exams to job interviews.

He mentioned that “ When KFC came to China, 24 people went for the job interview. 23 people were accepted. I was the only guy who wasn’t”. But unlike many Jack ma did not give up, he treated his rejections as chances to learn and grow. Computers and the Internet were little known at that time in China. Jack Ma first had exposure to computers when he first went to the United States for a business visit. It was here, when he searched for the word ‘China’ there were no results displayed. It was after this incident he decided to start an e-commerce set up. So, he persuaded his friends for joining him in the startup named Alibaba. Since e- commerce was something new in China, initially it was very difficult and challenging to build trust among people regarding the safety of online payment. But gradually the Alibaba group rose to prominence and is still the leading e- commerce platform in China.

The reason behind the success of this group is the importance Jack Ma gives to his team as he believes that a happy team makes customers happy.

” We keep fighting. We keep changing ourselves. We don’t complain. “

– Jack Ma


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