On some days,
I feel like I'm on top of the world.
But on the other days...
What do I do when nothing feels okay?

Where do I find the bright spot,
when darkness starts spreading all over? 
Is there light at the end of every single tunnel? 
Would I last long enough to find it?

How do I not let myself be impinged
by the dated societal standards
of productuctivity, success and worth?
How enough is good enough? 

How do I break the walls of self-doubt
and pull up the crippling self-esteem?
How do I break this very tiring cycle,
that seems to go way faster downhill than up? 

Where do I run when my safe space suddenly seems claustrophobic?
On such days, in a four bedroom house,
why is the tiny balcony the only place where I feel home?
Why is the only thing that gives me solace is watching the skies change colour?

How do I make my insecurities lose their power over me?
How do I not go down the spiral that pushes me into a bad space
the very one that convinced me,
that good times will never knock on my doors again?

Even if I do, how to deal with it keeping my sanity intact?
Should I buck up and fight, or wait for the fire to cease? 
How do I convince myself, that I'm still the strong, capable human,
even though I haven't felt like one in ages?

How do I keep reminding myself, that it is completely okay, if all I did today, was breathe?

Submitted by Ananya Haraprasad , PSG College Of Technology


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