Science is considered to be the most rational study of all times. It has evidence and proofs for almost everything that is going on this universe. But, there are a few things that even science can’t explain. Just because it can’t understand these things or because of the fact that these strange things contradict the rules and science. Here are a few such things that are strange and even science has no answers to them.

  • What was there before the big bang? Everybody knows that our universe started with the big bang. But, even the scientists don’t know the existence of life before the big bang. Was there a universe before the big bang? There are a lot of questions that are unanswered. We need to find new theories on time and gravity. We need to have a broader perspective on certain concepts and should not be confined within    the self made norms.
  • Why does time always moves forward? Whatever we do or wherever we go, time seems to move like a smooth current.But, the main question is why time always moves forward why not backward. It maybe  an illusion.

“All motions may be accelerated and retarded, but the flowing of absolute time is not liable to any change.” ~Issac Newton. This basic truth about the whole universe was given by him. So, does he want to say that time is unstoppable. It is said that to measure how time flows, we need to measure its speed. But, we can’t measure to time and speed simultaneously. So what is the speed of time? How to determine the correct speed of time? There are a lot more questions that are unanswered.

  • Why there are only three visible dimensions discovered yet?It is said that if we apply the string theory ton less than 9 spatial dimensions, it fails. Huge fluctuations can be seen in the experiment. Here, extra dimensions could be a saviour. Now, the question arises that why gravitational force is so weak on earth and how gravity leaks in space? It also puts a question on why the universe is expanding day by day. It is said that the universe was like a 9D  ball of string, but only 3 of them could expand themselves while others were tightly wrapped together. Therefore, we can only see 3 dimensions.
  • Other unsolved mysteries are: the Bermuda triangle, quantum theories can not be explained yet in a defined way. There is a lot more to this field. 

Can we derive energy from absolute nothing?

If we want to find the answers for unanswered questions, we need to break all the barriers and the pre constructed norms. Only then we can dive into the depth of things and discover something new. It could even change the evolution of humankind. It may bring revolution in the whole universe. Your one thought can change the reality of everyone.


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