Why does anybody want anything? Why do people believe in something? Why do anything and everything exists? Why does he/she do that, this or whatever? Why do we have to go through anything? Why do we not use a “Why?” more often? Why?

“Why” is the most powerful and certainly the most important question that ever existed, but “Why?” you may ask. A “Why?” is certainly the first question that should pop up in someone’s mind. This very three-lettered question may lead to geniuses cracking their heads to infinite possibilities. A “Why?” answered may again receive a “Why?” and the chain may continue until the end of worlds.

If you ever get stuck, ask “Why?” and try to answer it. Remember to ask this, and also about why I am asking you to ask this to yourself. A “Why?” may seem simple to answer but is the most lethal weapon. A “Why?” may lead you off-track or set you right back on track on your journey towards something. A “Why?” can set up your career and future and can also change the whole plan for you.

“Why?” is the biggest mystery. This is one aspect of any individual’s life which is almost uncertain, at all times. This is because this very question makes one re-think the whole of his life. It is accepted that we are always one decision away from a significantly different life. This is because the consequences and implications are different at each decision we take in our lives. Not a single action is repetitive but is similar to be correct. This question gives a reason for whatever decision, ever taken. This question gives purpose. This is on whats base an individual can decide if he/she wants something or doesn’t want it. This is the question which also defines one’s intentions and aims. This question is a question on one’s integrity. This question is the question of one’s existence on the whole.

And all I request you to do is to ask yourself this question before you take any decision in your life.
“Because your decision is not just your decision, it may possibly change the lives of seven billion other lives. Because this may give you the reason you were searching for, all your life. Because this may clarify the doubts in your mind which you have been carrying all these years. Because this may remind you how beautiful you and your life is, has been and will be, because this is what is necessary for our lives. Because you might just believe more in yourself and give yourself the love you deserve and possibly unlock the whole of your potential. Because you might shine and shine this bright enough to change people’s view about themselves. Because all it takes is a “Why?” and you might simply solve the question in your mind. Because you might just start believing.”

And again, if ever stuck, “To start with, Why?”


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