It’s the end of 2019 and hell we have witnessed lot going on around us be it in technology or be it an innovation. And looking at the pace of innovation being done we have brought you a list of top 3 coming trend in Technology in India.  

5G Networks:

Its no doubt that within 2021 Telecom Operators will start providing 5G Networks in India. Jio, Airtel, Vodafone and many other rivals are all fighting to become the first 5G provider in India. Its not much since India witnessed a massive growth in the number of users coming online. Thanks to Reliance Jio and its free offers that today there are more than 400 million 4G subscribers in India. People were benefitted a lot by the rivalries among the telecom operators, all trying to lure more and more people to subscribe to their telecom service. And because of that people got to know about the power of Data and speed. No doubt, today people are willing to upgrade their network as it can be seen through number of 5G ready smartphones being sold in the market. It is expected that 5G network will be deployed in India as soon as early 2020s.

Artificial Intelligence:

This is not so unexpected as its been more than a decade since researchers and companies have started investing time and money over it. Be it Amazon, be it Google, all have invested a lump sum amount of money and man power to make AI work for them. As they all know the benefits of a self-sustainable system that can be utilized for businesses. In Google Keynote 2019 CEO Sundar Pichai introduced to the under-development Google assistant that can book appointments for you all by itself. Amazon is looking forward to open employee less shops all across India where you just go and take whatever you need and at the checkout money is automatically deducted from your account. They call it ‘Amazon Go’. So, it’s no more a myth that some day you went to a shopping mall and you don’t see a single employee.

Autonomous Devices:

Well this coming trend is an outcome of what we called as AI. Robots, drones, self-driving cars, etc are some of the innovations being done with the help of it. Companies like Google, Tesla, etc are all working to bring out autonomous vehicles to the general public. Several testing have been done by these companies to see the compatibility of these vehicles in the busy roads of India. Amazon is looking forward to change the way we receive parcels. Amazon has innovated a delivery system that involves shipment of parcels through drones. Kiosks are long been used in many places throughout India for Tickets and snacks. Its expected that with in 5 years we’ll witness autonomous devices being used at its pace.


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