Travelling is the most satisfying adventure to be done. Travelling helps you get out of your comfort zone, teaches you to live with no boundaries. For one travelling might be just a part of their daily routine, but for some travelling is a passion, addiction and their only profession.

Speaking of those people who consider travelling as their passion, for them travelling is an art. In fact, travel literature is now considered to be one of the genres of literature. And also several travel prizes are awarded annually for travel books and journals. Edward Stanford Travel Writing awards are the prestigious awards given to the best travel writers for their travel books and journals of different categories. Just as the film industry has Oscar awards, the travel industry has ‘World Travel Awards’ found in 1993. These awards are given on an overall world level basis and on eight international region-levels. It covers a wide range of categories which includes tourist hotels/accommodation, tourist attractions and airline/transport.

Currently, travel literature has become a genre of social media. Travel blogs are super informative and productively working on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. As of 2018, WordPress is the most popular and easy to use blogging platform.

Apart from the people who travel to blog or earn awards, there are many people who travel to take a break from the daily routine. As a sufficient amount of research says travelling and exploring places often helps you keep your mental and emotional health stable. Travelling teaches you a lot about yourself and the world. Keep reading to know how travelling can make you happier and healthier.

Learn about the world:

Do you really believe that your high school and University has taught you enough to live a life? If you think yes, then you are probably surviving your life rather than living life to the fullest. Travelling to the different corners of the world far away from your home, you get to explore new cultures, new places and meet new people. This helps you set your mindset broad and spirit free.

Learn about others:

All the way on your trip you’ll be interacting with many new people. And these people maybe be better than you or maybe not. You’ll notice the differences between you and them, between their culture & lifestyle and yours. These differences might change your point of view towards others and their situations. You won’t look at others the way you used to. Eventually, you become more tolerant and flexible with others. The most unexpected people end up teaching you the life-changing lessons at the most unexpected time.

Learn about yourself:

Travelling can be a chance to reinvent and rejuvenate yourself. While you’re exploring places, you’ll be exploring yourself too. Travelling alone makes you more confident and independent. It gives you the courage to be brave. Travelling can be a stress buster for you, assisting you in improving your mental health. At the end of the trip, you’ll know yourself, understand yourself and be yourself. You’ll be a totally different person when you return home from your trip.

Travelling refreshes your mind and makes you more creative. Just as you wander in a place where nobody knows you, where you have never been to, everything seems to be fresh and new. The vivid views and landscapes, unknown people chattering in an unknown language and a contrast culture stimulate your nerves and senses to a whole new level.

Travelling gives you life long memories. These memories become a part of you, and this part of you defines your identity. Travelling will let you face your weaknesses and find your strengths. Just when you identify yourself you become a better version of yourself. But apart from all these things, you’ll have your own shelf of mesmerizing memories. Memories which you could tell your grandchildren one day. You’ll see yourself once again happy and energetic just as you were during your trip.


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