Nothing remains untouched by the widespread growth of technology and science all over the world. Agriculture and farming is also one of them. With reduction in forest cover and land, urban agriculture is introduced in various cities and township.

In urban agriculture, there are various types of subdivisions like animal husbandry, aquaculture, agroforestry, urban beekeeping etc. It usually takes place in peri-urban areas. It leads to the social and economic development of the people living in cities and also increases the employment opportunities for people.

We can also analyze urban agriculture by the types of actors involved, types of location, types of products grown, types of economic activities, product destination and marketing , scale of production and the technology used in the urban farming.

The rapid urbanisation and food insecurities in the urban cities is the main reason to establish and promote agriculture farming. In the cities of the developing countries, there is no sufficient source of income for a huge number of population and they struggle very for food daily. The governments of various countries like India, USA, Thailand etc. are trying to cope up with urban poverty through urban agriculture.

The various benefits of urban agriculture are as follows:

  • Nutrition rich food:

With advanced technologies, it has become very easy to grow organic and nutrition rich food in a limited period of time. The best thing is that you can enjoy any kind of foods and fruits throughout the year.

  • Economic growth of the country: 

Urban farming has become one of the important factors in determining the GDP of the country. The investment is less, the profit is more. Many people are now shifting their field to agriculture and farming due to this reason.We can see a lot of new companies and small businesses coming up in this sector because the competition is less while the demand is more.

  • Contributing to the ecosystem:

There is a lot of pollution in the cities. Urban farming helps to minimize the pollution. The various plants and trees planted eliminates the carbon dioxide produced by the industries and factories.It also has a huge impact on the greenery of the city.

The waste produced by agriculture are often easily decomposed. Therefore, it does not affect the nature but supplements it with more nutritious products like natural fertilizers.As a result, the soil becomes more fit for agriculture and yields good food and products.

The various strategies that can be implemented for urban farming are as follows:

  1. You can create policy environment around us.
  2. You can invest and finance in the business.
  3. You can efficiently use the rain water for this purpose.
  4. You can also take a land on lease.

Urban farming is a great idea for intensifying agricultural production of the country.You only need to take right decisions at the right time. Though if it is not managed in a proper way, there can be adverse affects on the land. But, through proper planning you can achieve the desired goals and make it a success.


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