Since last decade, Virtual reality is taking over like a zombie outbreak, uncontrollable and unstoppable. Due to sudden incline and trend of VR (Virtual Reality), it has been proven more than efficient in every field be it games, medical, movies, etc. Well if we are going to discuss about something, then initial priority is to get an intro or basic knowledge about the topic. Virtual Reality is an imaginary dimension or place created with VFX or special computer effects, it is as the name suggests a virtual world same as reality.

Gaming is the most proficient and successful sector to explain it’s working and scope. From playing Super Mario from a box to experiencing it in real life through a pair of goggles is what VR actually is making. It is giving a representation of games through first person perspective. The places which you could only enjoy with a limited view and scope are now available to avail according to your own command and all of the credits are presented in favor of VR. In case of movies, many of times we do encounter scenes which are seen from one’s point and sometimes the whole movie is produced in a way that you can have a look around the environment changing the focus from main scene to other. Producers of such movies get awesome reviews. People get to know everything other then main storyline and sometimes also enjoy view. Movies with 360 degree option are also trending as they allow us the same but with a special touch of interacting with the environment and characters around, in case of games these options alter your story and gameplay, i.e. choosing a harsh option results in a hard ending, whereas choosing an disgusting or cowardly option might get you a easy win but in the end your moral values are judged and rated accordingly, so play your turns wisely. A survey held in year 2018, stipulated that moral sense and habits of people are metamorphosed due to taking chances and having a good ending. Another vital point in favor  in case of games is you are master of your own will, you can play your own music, fight using your own moves, shoot at your own will, etc.

Moving further to medical field, it has raised the charts and success rate in some of the critical surgeries and operations as doctors get to chance to practice a preliminary operation due to real time models and working of human body as a result of virtual reality providing them with precision and better chances of making a success in every possible attempt. This helps in both skill development as well as saving human lives. This is the biggest gift one can get from technology as it is more than helpful to the world and to every field. Many products are launched on daily basis assuring a smooth flow and need for VR, some of them are VR box or goggles, joysticks controlled by motion, etc.

 I would like to windup the topic by a quote as usual, ”people living in imagination can now make real money through VR”


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