Call me a nerd, or a geek. But, ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to literally visit all the Museums in the world. For me, it was not only about knowledge, but it was also more about curiosity. Always wanting to know how the World was and has been. However, conventional Museums don’t interest everyone. So, today I will be bringing into light some strange Museums that are far from conventional.

Cancun Underwater Museum:

If you love the ocean, you’re definitely gonna wanna go here once. This museum was built as a collaboration between biologists, and the artist Jason deCaires Taylor. Jason, who had also created an ‘urban reef’ before, helped design this museum in the year 2009. Present in the waters surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Punta Nizuc, the museum features more than 500 life-sized sculptures. The ocean bed serves as a floor on which these beautiful sculptures have been fixed. It gets even more interesting as visitors snorkel, scuba dive or use glass-bottom boats to reach this museum.

The Mummy Museum:

Ummm… yes. I know, kind of creepy. But, creepy just doesn’t curb my curiosity about mummies. Museo de Las Momias, (i.e Mummy Museum) is situated in the small mining town of Guanajuato, Mexico. Hundreds of bodies were buried in the Santa Paula Pantheon’s crypts here, during the mid-19th century. The bodies whose burial tax was unpaid by their families were exhumed. Later, during the discovery of these bodies, it was ascertained that they were naturally mummified due to the climate conditions of that place. Today, there are several mummies of adults and infants kept on display for the visitors.

Sulabh International Museum of Toilets:

We have all heard about ‘Sulabh Sauchalay’, but, not many of us are aware of the fact that they not only have nationwide toilets but also, a museum of toilets. Located in New Delhi, this museum traces the history of health and sanitation right from the 2500 B.C. It is a house to several different types of toilets, from gold-plated ones used by Roman emperors, to medieval commodes. That is one interesting museum we might not wanna go to.

Coming to the end to this, I have come to think, that the rush of diversified curiosity in this millennial era, has given rise to such unique museums. If you are a museum enthusiast like me, this is not just it, there are several other amazing museums out there waiting to be witnessed.


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