Google – the world’s greatest online library. Right from knowing the information for your research papers to the spelling of common words we have one platform called Google. It was so widely used that Google itself has meaning now. If I say that I google it means I search for information about (someone or something) on the Internet using the search engine Google. No matter what you search you will find the results within a seconds time. All this information would most likely be the results that you needed. At the moment when you read this, there will be millions of people Googling something and they all would also get the results within a second. Don’t you have a question how is this possible? Let me explain to you in detail what happens when you search in Google.

When you Search Google

“When you search Google, you are not actually searching the web”, says Matt Cuts the engineer in Google Quality Group. What we search is that the googles index of the web. There is a software program called ‘Spiders’. These spiders start by fetching the few web pages and they follow the links and fetch the pages they point to and follow all the links and fetch all the pages and so on. This continues for at least a billion pages till they get indexed.

When you type something and hit search the software searches the index to find every page that includes the terms that you searched. There would be thousands of page with the exact terms of what you have searched. But on the first page you always get the most desirable results. How does that happen? How Google decides which is the best page to show to you first?

The keywords play an important role here. It checks how many time the keyword is used in the page. It checks whether the title contains the keyword what you searched and it also checks the URL. It further checks if the website is a quality one or just spam and decides the page rank.

The web page rank is decided by how many outside link point to it and how important those links are. That is if some other website can put your URL in their page and say “check this for more info” that means your website is actually providing good information so your page is ranked higher. All these factors are combined together to produce the overall page score and the page that has the highest score appears first.

All this above said happens in less than a second. Interesting isn’t it? The mission of Google is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” That is what makes Google great.


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