Have you ever wondered what would happen if mosquitoes – a group of about more than 3500 species of small insects that refly are not there in the whole world?

Unlike bees, mosquitoes have no significance for producing major changes. If there weren’t a single mosquito on the planet, nothing would be affected that much. The food chain will remain constant. Mosquitoes act as a key food source for fish, birds, frogs, lizards and many such animals. But, no species rely on them, as the journal Nature found in 2010. The other insects would likely to flourish in their place and it seems that most of the species would find alternatives to eat. There are a vast number of options available for the other species to rely on. The pollination that is carried out by the mosquitoes is not critical to any of the plants that human beings rely upon. It seems nothing in the food chain would be affected if there were no mosquitoes in the world. If there would be no problem of its absence then why not take some steps to remove it permanently from the planet. I hope scientists are looking into this.

What about our health?

Here is one good chance we could see if there were no mosquitoes in our planet. It would be a great relief for the parents because most of the children die of mosquito bites during the young age. Hundreds of thousands would not die of malaria each year, most of which there are children under five years of age. This would be one of the best change ever in the history of humanity. People still in some of the places do not have access to have better medical options. If diseases like malaria are caused then it would ultimately result in death. And in addition to that the reduction of roughly about 55,000 annual deaths reducible from dengue fever or yellow fever. Some researchers are researching how to get rid of it (at least some of it). British researchers developed genetically modified Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that self-destruct, though the process is costly and uncertain. It seems good that the scientists are taking some effort to make the Earth a better place to live in.

Prevent than Curing

Now, for the time being, people need to take care of themselves. They should take all the preventive methods of getting any kind of diseases. Now, the best way to stay away from mosquitoes is that do not let water get accumulated in a particular area for too long. The people need to keep clean their area and the surroundings as well. Consult or visit a doctor if bitten by a mosquito during the day time because it is said that mosquitoes that are seen during the day are most likely to carry such diseases. When the mosquitoes swallow infected blood, then its own midgut gets infected. The pathogens in the midgut replicate and bursts out in the body cavity, where they eventually infect the salivary glands. 


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