Probably you must be holding a smartphone powered by Android. If it runs on Android then you must be familiar with Play store. Yes, the One stop for all of the world’s applications. So, while downloading any app or Games from Play Store you must have noticed its speed. And you may be wondering , what I don’t have such fast internet connection how can it be so fast. So here it is, our beloved Play Store works on Peer to Peer or P2P network. Similar to what happens in a torrent. Similarly, Windows store works on peer to peer connection and so does Apple Store.

So, what is Peer to Peer or P2P connection? So, here is an example have you seen a game of players where there use to be a ball and all of them passes it to one another and each one has to catch it. Well P2P connection is the same. Here bits of data that a user lack but different user has, gets distributed to that user by them.

In Client Server model of connection there is sever and the server is used to distribute the file among users. But client server model is not good in case when there are too many users accessing the same or different files over the server. Moreover, this condition can be utilized by P2P network.

In P2P connection when multiple users are downloading the same file. The bits of files from each user gets distributed to one another. For example, suppose there are 4 users downloading a file ABCD which can be divided in bits like A bit, B bit, C bit and D bit. Suppose, user 1 has downloaded the whole file, User 2 is still downloading A bit, User 3 is downloading B bit, and user 4 is downloading C bit. Then instead of getting files sequentially here the system will give each user the different bits of file that it hasn’t downloaded from one another. For example, User 2 will get file A from User 1, file B from User 4 and file D from user 1. Means each user will help one another in getting files up to which each one hasn’t downloaded. This is called peer to peer network. Similarly in play store when you are downloading an app, you get help from users throughout the world who has the same app downloaded and connected to the internet or they are downloading but are at different positions. This is the system over which the torrent works and that’s why torrent is so fast. But this network is only efficient and good when the user base is extremely large. For a low user base client server model works the best.


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