Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the leading central government agency that conducts top-level exams for the recruitment of officers and staff into various services of the central government. Though well known for Civil Service Examination, it also conducts various exams like Indian Forest Service Examination, Combined Defence Services Examination, Engineering Services Examination, National Defence Academy Examination, Naval Academy Examination, Combined Medical Services Examination, Special Class Railway Apprentice, Indian Economic Service/Indian Statistical Service Examination, Combined Geoscientist and Geologist Examination, and Central Armed Police Forces (Assistant Commandant) Examination.

The aspirants of all those above examinations would have a lot to study with less time. So it is very much important to schedule your study time. You may spend days and nights studying hard and what if you studied is of no importance?. Coming to newspapers which have to be read every day, it is very much needed to know what not to read so that you won’t waste your time in the unimportant stuff. You have to play smart and here is the way.

No matter what newspaper you read, mostly it is classified in the below categories:

  • Main Page: Do not spend more than 5 minutes. Read all the headlines and important articles if any. All those redirects you to the pages inside so do not spend much time.
  • State: Each state has different news and exams are not conducted state wise. So you could avoid it from an exam point of view but could glance to know what happens in your surroundings.
  • National: Read the important news like Supreme Court and High Court verdicts, Parliamentary debates, Government orders. The national news is important.
  • Editorial and Perspective: Most important pages which require at least half an hour read, the minimum amount of time you can give. These pages are where you can find an excellent analysis of a current issue. You will understand more about the problem, many opinions on that issue and what may happen next and more such information. Reading this you will get a clear view and you would be able to make your own opinions. It helps you not only in exams but also in group discussions.
  • International: Only a very few are worth reading. So spend time on the worthy news like International relations and ignore deaths and politics.
  • Business/Finance: Read articles from government sources and avoid interviews, profit loss news, fluctuations in share, etc.
  • Science and Technology: Make notes from this page and spend some time reading the major articles.
  • Sports and Last page: Can ignore in exam point of view but a glance to be aware of what happens.

While reading newspapers the next time, remember these points so that you won’t put your efforts in the trivial things and can have a fruitful time reading.



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