This is a 240 line poem that portrays the conversation between a family therapist, God and Satan. Although the speaker is mentioned for easier understanding, please note they are not to be read and are not to be considered a part of the poem itself.

Satan :             You’re late as always!

Were you mopping heaven’s hallways?

Grandeur you expect!

Behold! His Holy Disrespect!

Therapist :        Now now Sir, let’s be civil,

For he is God and you are the Devil.

Your differences, we are here to repair,

Not engage in all-out-warfare.

God :                Accept my apologies kind doctor,

He has always been no smarter,

Recalcitrant runt, this son of mine

Corrupted you, defied the Divine.

Satan :              I gave them free will

I gave them freedom

I loved them as you did

I followed your drum

You needed a villain,

To be their hero,

Youmade me Satan,

Please! Let me come home.

submitted by – Manasa, PSG College of Technology


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