The blade slashed through my arm,

Tearing through my skin like paper.

Had I felt the pulse of my thumping heart,

Pumping rivulets of life flowing essence,

The only thing that would have scarred me,

Would have been the red of the satin.

Instead the swirling vision of leaden colours,

And metal soaked with corn glaze,

Made me stumble into a daze,

From which I couldn’t possibly return.

Metal encased with a sliver of rubber,

My being encased with synthetic skin,

My life engraved in ignorance,

My mind stuck in oblivion.

Were all the stimuli of this marvel,

Truly my own ones,

Or have I been a puppet,

Bridled to the strings of my master.

Could every fiber of my being,

Be claimed as my own,

Or was I taking the beaten up road,

Chosen & Primed for me.

Could I not perceive those foreign traits,

The seamless scheme of my maneuvers,

My detachedness amidst beauty & art,

The uncanny way of my life.

Am I really so inhumane,

That I couldn’t feel that red-hot lead,

Poking and prodding my whirring heart,

Scalding through that ice-cold metal.

Would I be filled with remorse forever,

Or will I be able to rise from my grave,

For I shall either have to stay in desuetude,

Or ramble around with the undead.


Submitted by Subhasri Manigandan , PSG College of Technology


  1. It’s really great! You have not only chosen the suitable words for your poem, but also put them to proper use. Many poems I’ve seen have all sorts of fancy words meant to perplex readers new to poetry, but those words aren’t put together as proper sentences, thus being only a blemish to the poem. You have written the exact opposite of a clichéd poem, with originality and a concept that you have managed to portray in a relatively new way. Keep up the good work!

  2. Small feedback: check my previous comment and this one too. You have started the poem with “The blade slashed through my arm”. However, the title alloted to this poem isn’t an explanation for how you slashed the arm in the first place per se. One might ask what blade, how and why. It might seem trivial, but a small intro always helps to give the readers more context for the poem, thus answering potential questions that they might ask if the intro wasn’t there in the first place. It will also help them focus on the underlying meaning of the poem instead of wondering about how you slashed your arm with a blade. It’s both irrelevant and not the area to be focused on.

  3. Nice imagination and abstract creativity – something that is apt for the matrix and Robocop type fantasy (which is closer and closer to a reality right now).
    Combining the power of the mind with the choices and decision making with the stereo type programmed workings of the body.
    Very well written.
    Would love see a sequel to this! 🙂

  4. Nice Sci-fi imagination. I initially tought this was faintly linked to Mani ji getting hurt, then I came to my senses. Keep it up !!


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